Sacandaga Pathway

GPS Coordinates: (43.49609, -74.35968) 1.5 miles RT, easy easy This nature trail with 850 yards of boardwalk is an easy 1.5-mile round trip and is fully wheelchair accessible. The path traverses a variety of habitats and three types of wetlands along a flat-water section of the Sacandaga River. Public rest rooms are available, as well [...]

Colonel Peck’s Grave

GPS Coordinates: ( 43.47608, -74.35693) 1.2 miles RT easy Located 2.3 miles southeast of the Village of Speculator. From Speculator, drive south for 0.8 miles on route 30 and make a right onto Downey Road, Follow Downey past Camp of the Woods, turn right onto South Shore Road. Follow South Shore Road till you come [...]

Sacandaga Park

1875 to the early 1900’s It all started in 1875 the area just south of Northville. First the quiet riverside spot was used by a Methodist encampment making the trek there by horseback and stage. Tents were arranged in a circle. Rustic benches were built in the center of the circle to accommodate services held [...]

Sacandaga Valley Folklore A Witch at Fish House?

Folklore stories are susceptible to changes made over the years of telling. Some may deviate from the original by information added or omitted or an educated guess here or there. This one is no different.   This story takes place in the area known as Fish House being the first settlement along the Sacandaga River [...]

Christmas in the Sacandaga River Valley

Christmas is a time for family. Most families in the Sacandaga Valley lived what was considered right next door to each other, give or take a mile. Christmas Eve provided a time to gather together to share a meal or to attend midnight services held at churches. Decorating the house provided an activity that involved [...]

Sacandaga Valley Churches

The first church building constructed in the Sacandaga River Valley was at Fish House by Sir William Johnson in the 1700’s. It’s denomination was Episcopal but it’s exact location, date built, and most other information has been lost in history. Before churches were built people congregated at various places to worship God and share fellowship: [...]

Sacandaga Dogs

Dogs through the years have served mankind in many ways. As a hunter, laborer, protector, and companion. In papers that survived of Sir William Johnson there were receipts found of hunting dogs he purchased in the mid 1700‘s. Johnson, besides being the superintendent of Indian affairs in the Sacandaga River Valley, was an avid outdoorsman. [...]

Sacandaga: Four stories of Folk Lore

Considered a haunted place the Batchellerville Hotel was built in 1855. It was a two story structure with a large wing that was added before the Civil War but there are no records as to when it ceased to exist. It had guest rooms, with a bar, tables for ladies, a ballroom, dining room, and [...]

What’s in a name?

Sacandaga has been mentioned as ‘Land of the Waving Grass’ other interpretations of the Iroquois origin is “drowned water” probably referring to the marshland of the Vly or “drowned land“ referring to the flooding in the spring. Pronunciation of the word has varied throughout time most local people pronounce it Sac-can- dog-a (short “a” on [...]