Sacandaga Blockhouse


This has become a controversial marker in our country, due to its location and title. Early records refer to it as the Sacandaga Blockhouse. There was a symposium forum on this subject a few years ago that lasted nearly a year, while trying to determine the proper location of this old blockhouse. Early documents that described this fortification as being in Lot #14 of the sacandaga Patent, places this site down the road and out in the Lake, underwater today ( and actually in what is today the Town of Broadalbin). This old blockhouse was built during our American Revolutionary War and was known to have been under attack once when Soloman Woodsworth used it for his headquarters.

Location: The marker is on the Vandenburg Point Road, near what was once known as Munsonville. It is located in front of a farm on the north side of the road, before the Perque Road intersection.