Saratoga Springs Public Library

The library is chartered to serve the residents of the Saratoga Springs Enlarged City School District (pop. 45,663). It is governed by a five-member board elected by district residents. Funds to operate the library come primarily from school district property taxes, and district residents must vote upon increases in local tax support. The current 58,626 [...]

Northville Public Library

The core of the Local History Collection at the Northville Public Library are materials relating to the Northville / Northampton, New York area, the Great Sacandaga Lake and the Sacandaga Park. Because the library itself is relative young, having opened in 1986, and most primary sources are held by municipalities or local historical societies, the [...]

Johnstown Public Library

The Johnstown Public Library is located in Johnstown, New York. The library is a 1902 Andrew Carnegie Library, built with funds donated by Mr. Carnegie and the residents of Johnstown. It is open seven days a week during the school year and five days during the summer months. Its holdings total over 40,000 pieces and [...]

Gloversville Public Library

The first library was organized in Gloversville in 1803 and called the Farmer's Library. In 1853, the Young Ladies Library Association was established and the first books purchased in 1855. Gentlemen were allowed to become honorary members by paying 25 cents a year. This enabled them to attend the monthly socials and escort the young [...]

When I was a child we moved all the time.

No matter where we moved there was always a library full of activities and new friends!

Please take advantage of both the great adult and children’s programs going on at all the local libraries!