First Brick Home


On these corners was the residence of an early Quaker family by the name of Anthony. On the corner of this marked site was built the first brick home in the town of Mayfield. This became an old place-name in the town, called Anthonyville. Across the road, and by the creek was a prosperous blacksmith shop that produced scythes and axes and farm implements. The old brick home on this corner became the birthplace of George T. Anthony, a Quaker like the rest of the family. He moved out into the Western part of New York State and during the Civil War became an officer, later he became the Governor of the State of Kansas from 1876-1879. This family has a very interesting history and in the future should be researched further.

Location: This marker is on Route 30 north, at the Brower Road intersection ( east side). This intersection is by the Anthony Creek crossing on Route 30 and before you reach Routes 30A and 30 north intersection. This marker was unveiled November 17th of 1994.