Orendaga on Northville Lake

The Orendaga has been welcoming guests since the first cabin was built in the early 1900’s. A popular destination for travelers, hunters, and fisherman, The Orendaga boasted modern housekeeping cottages with all the amenities! Accommodations like these were prevalent throughout the Adirondacks, and like most, the property eventually fell into disrepair.  The Intrabartola Family, with a [...]

Fullers Corner Store

Top of the Line Subs & Sandwiches You can special order fresh top of the line, Subs Sandwiches and Salads from our Deli with all of your favorite toppings and a variety of dressings. Call ahead and we’ll have it ready when you get here. You can also get our quality Meat and Cheeses specially [...]


Welcome to Fuel-n-Food, located conveniently on Route 30 in Mayfield,NY in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains! We are your one stop shop for gas, propane, groceries, lotto, fishing supplies, and a wide assortment of beverages including kegs. We offer daily Breakfast and Lunch Specials. Did You Know That We Have.. Hot Soup, Fresh Pizza, [...]