Woodsworth Burrying Ground


This marker directs you to the burying ground of early settlers, but was used by the Woodsworth family. This cemetery was on part of the Woodsworth Farm and near by at the crossroad, is what is called Woodsworth Corners The Woodsworth’s played an important part in the American Revolution from old Tyron County. This marker was installed in memory of this historic family in 1936. (Note: Near by and on the same side of the road, is believed to be an early burial ground for the Quakers who had established a Meeting House which was located on the opposite side of the road in early 1800’s both of which should be marked some day in the future)

Location: Take (Route 146), West Main street Extension (west), off Route 30A north; the marker is on the north side of the road, just before the crossroads of Jackson Summit Road and old Route 30.