yellow snowmobile kicking up snow

Snowmobile Pre-Season Checklist

Read the owner’s manual written for your model snowmobile. If adjustments were not made in the Spring, they must be completed before using your snowmobile for the first time.

Ignition * Replace spark plugs. Be sure they are gapped to manufacturer’s specifications and are the proper heat range.

Carburetor/Fuel * Check fuel filter, replace if necessary. Check fuel lines for cracks or leaks. * Check fittings for leaks.

Drive Belt * Check for wear and cracks. * Measure width of belt and compare to specifications. * Be sure you have a spare belt in your snowmobile.

Track * Examine for broken cleats, loose or torn drive holes, and ply separation. * Alignment of track. * Track tension.

Skis * Alignment * Examine for loose weld joints, loose or worn out wear rods. * Check ski bottom for excessive wear.

Chain * Lubrication * Check chain tension

Shocks * Check for oil leaks

Lights * Replace burned out bulbs. * Apply brakes to check stop lights with engine running.

Clutch * Check owners manual for recommendations.

Brakes * Proper adjustment. * Free operation. * Worn pads.

Check for loose nuts and bolts on the snowmobile.

Suspension * Idler wheels * Lubrication * Axle wheels and bearings. * Loose nuts and bolts. * Broken welds and springs. * Slide rails.

Check spare parts and tools. * Light bulbs – pack so they won’t break. * Spark plugs need to be gapped. Check owner’s manual for proper setting. In an emergency, a match cover will approximate gap. * Spare belt. * Tools (pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdrivers: flat and Phillips, lockable pliers). * Starter pull rope. * Owner’s manual. * Emergency survival kit.