September 4th, 2021

Happy Labor day weekend, hard to believe summer is almost over.

This is my first lake report in over a year. It goes without saying with all the rain this year the water is high for this time of year. With that being said, you can access all your favorite spots this weekend without much worry.

There is still just over 5 feet of water in the shallowness part of stump alley, pontoons, and v bottoms can pass through to mosquito Bay or Northampton with no problem. The sandbar of Northampton is mostly still underwater but only about ankle to knee deep in most places.

Pirates cove, and muscles harbor all nice and deep no worries if you want to Anchor of the beaten path. Also you can still make it up to the turn in the sacandaga river without worry.

Sport island Pub’s docks are in great shape for the weekend. On the Edinburg side of course is always deep, and Placid Pines, and Ponderosa Pines both have docks now. Pulling up they look close to shore but the water gets deep quick so there is plenty of water. So you can stop and have a beer with Buddy, Joan, and Desiree. Then walk across the road to Placid Pines and have lunch or dinner.

Coming back south under the bridge. Captain Nauti’s docks are a little longer and easy to pull up to also. Back down in Mayfield Lanzi’s has plenty of room for any size boat on the docks.

Also Wally’s has a courtesy dock on the beach side of the point now. Which makes it easy for any size boat to dock. They also have a food truck there that serves breakfast sandwiches, (which is perfect hangover food) and goes good with a bloody mary (just saying).

Lastly head down to Lakeside to see Gaetano and his staff for one of my favorite beers GSL juice. Check out the new Channel bar there. It’s great and so are the docks there too.

On the flip side, there is not much beach on Sand island, or anywhere for that matter. Which might keep some of the fire sizes smaller for the ring of fire this year. Don’t worry though I still have seen some impressive piles out there. It’s always an impressive site when they are all burning. Especially with some of the drone videos lately.


Fishing has been good for walleye average sizes about 16-17″ trolling seems to be the best, with jigging (in the right spots) working well too.

Northern have been very slow, perch also.

And trout actually have been hitting decent.

Also the Fuel-N-food 3-day fishing contest is definitely on, it’s going to be perfect conditions

Tip of the week:

if your going to hang out anywhere near mosquito Bay. Bring a fly swatter