Lake in WInter

January 9th, 2022

The water is high for this time of year. Even the marina side of Wally’s has water in it. So does stump alley. There is 4.5″ of ice in Wally’s bay and more then that in stump alley. The bays on sacandaga have about 4″ of ice on average.

The most ice is in Northville around the campground, it’s over 6 “, but when you head towards the channel there is only about 4.5”. Same for in front of sport island.

Muscle’s Harbor (the bay at Lakeside) has just over 3″ remember there is running water there under the ice.

Edinburg up past captain Nauti’s just frozen. I would not suggest going out with any kind of machine, Side × sides or snowmobile this weekend. At least the smaller 4 wheelers will float….upside down.

As far as the middle guessing 2 inches or so. No one has been dumb enough to go out and check.

My point is stay off until next week. With the cold coming it will be great by then.

The diehards and the ones who know the lake will be out this weekend. If you want to go out and fish stick to the bays, and check the thickness as you go. If you get out, as always early ice fishing should be good.

Tip of the week

Leave the bar before closing time