January 18th, 2024

Happy New Year, Here is your first lake report of 2024.
These conditions are as of thursday 1/18.

Cold weather has finally arrived, and the lake completely froze over on tuesday, and it is froze all the way to the dam. Although I would never recommend anyone to go near that end in any conditions.

As for the rest of the lake there is between 2.5 inches of ice up to 4 inches.

The areas that were ice free Monday now have 2.5″ and areas like in front of Sport Island Pub and the Campground, also down by McMurrays have the most, About 4″ these areas had a little ice still left. So its making almost an inch of ice a day.

With more really cold weather on the way this weekend we should have 5″ of ice by monday minimal on the entire lake.

Since this is essentially the first freeze the ice is the good clear black ice, which is the strongest. Not a mix of thawed and refrozen ice mixed with snow and slush like last years conditions.


With this being said only the most seasoned ice fishermen should be out, this weekend, and absolutely no ATV’s or snowmobiles yet, although I know there is always a few wild ones. (You know who you are) 🤣.

Also the water level is only about 2 feet below summer full levels so the rocks, shore lines and trap islands are covered up good. So if we get some more colder weather it should shape up to be a phenomenal season although a little shorter it will be worth the wait.



The few fishing reports I have are the Northerns are biting good, and some great size.

Tip of the week:

tune up your ice fishing gear.