January 14th, 2022

As of Friday afternoon the ice is the strongest and most solid I have seen in years.

It is all clear black ice with no snow or thaw layer in it. The least we found is up by Ponderosa Pines 7.5 inches. The most we found was 10″ that was on the Mayfield side of Scout Island.

There was a consistent 8″ every where even in the middle.

There is just enough snow on the southern end and in Northville through stump alley for lube. Not so much past Bachelorville Bridge.

You can go anywhere you want (except up to the dam) no open water and the level is high. It made 4″ of ice in 6 days.

With that being said there are a lot of heaves already. 4 big ones.

One runs from Big Frank’s to the Traps. One from big Frank’s to Cranberry Creek. And two coming off Sinclair Point. One heads to Fish House side and the other goes to Deer Island.

We marked these on the send it app.

So go slow at night especially.

They are like a wall, but there are spots to cross.

It is fast out there so fight the temptation to duck tape the throttle. There is also a huge tree on the sandbar Northhampton side of Mosquito Bay, were everyone cuts through from Sport Island to Lanzi’s. It’s huge and you can see it good for now until we get snow and it drifts over it.

It’s only going to get colder from here so we should have about 11″ by Monday when we get the snow. So enjoy take anything out you want, except cars and trucks. (Wait a couple weeks more for them)


is moderate. Mostly pike so far.

Tip of the week:

download the send it app. And use it. If you see it mark it👍.
I had Chevy chase with me for this report