January 14th, 2018

I wanted to give updated lake report, since it’s getting a lot of bad press this weekend, conditions are as of 6 p.m. Saturday the 13 th.

Ice Report:

There is 14 to 16 inches of ice across the entire lake from Northampton south to Scout Island.
From Sinclair point northeast past ponderosa pines there is 9 to 10 inches of ice, and getting to Ponderosa Pines and Captain Nauti’s is no problem.

Once you get past Turner Rd. the ice thickness drops off to about 6 inches, and I wouldn’t suggest going past that point unless you are a regular to that area of the lake, and also there is no reason to go beyond that. North of the Northville spill way to the Northville bridge is the trouble spot.

Not only on the Northville side of the channel. This is due to the amount of water coming down the Sacandaga River.

If you stay on the Northampton side of the channel, you are fine and you can still get to Sport Island Pub which has 14 inches of ice in front of it.

The ice is broken up all around Northville bridge and beyond for about 500 yards, but it’s on the Northville side as this is the river channel. With the below zero weather tonight and tommarrow the rivers and streams should Recede rapidly, and no further damage to the ice should occur.

With that being said use caution this weekend around any streams and inlets that flow into the lake. So this means if you are going to Lakeside stay to the right entering the bay.

You will actually be on dry land and not be affected by the Kenneyetto flowing in which may have weakened the ice. I found no open water anywhere in the middle, but it felt like it in a few spots because there is up to 6 inches of water on top of the ice, and a general inch or two of water across the entire surface of the ice.

This will be gone or frozen by tomorrow. I found one new ice ridge since last week in front of Lanzi’s and runs down the normal direction toward Mayfield. This one is there every year and is very visible during the day. Other then that there were cracks here and there but they were flat and easily crossed.In general….

You can still get anywhere on the lake, the only problem I foresee is there will be no lube for sleds once it refreezes I experienced a huge difference just from late morning until I got back home at night, so 4 wheelers and side×sides will be preferred transportation until we get more snow.

This will make the ice fisherman happy.


The fishing has picked up a bit later this past week, with walleyes and big perch being caught the most.

The northerns have slowed down and their sizes have dropped off.

No reports of trout.


Tip of the week…

Don’t forget your cleats

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