February 8th, 2024

Sacandaga Lake Update: Ice Growth Surprises, Fishing Season Extended!

It’s been a quiet few weeks on the ice front at Sacandaga Lake, but recent cold snaps have brought good news for winter enthusiasts. While earlier reports showed minimal ice growth, the past week’s frigid nights, combined with the absence of snow cover, produced a surprising 2-inch ice gain.

Current Ice Thickness:

  • Scout Island (Vandenburg Pt. Rd. to Griffis Rd.): 6 inches
  • McMurray’s and Lasky’s Bays: 6 inches
  • Wally’s Beach to Lakeside Drive & Beacon Island: 5 inches
  • Northampton Campground: 7 inches (thickest point)
  • Kenyon’s and Mead Islands: 5-7 inches
  • Ponderosa Pines: 5 inches (surprisingly good!)

Key Points:

  • Ice is solid black and snow-free, indicating good quality.
  • Warm days haven’t negatively impacted ice thickness.
  • Riding potential exists for late February, barring heavy snowfall.
  • Current conditions favor walking only: no snowmobile lube and insufficient ice for side-by-sides.
  • Open cracks and pressure ridges require caution.
  • High water levels offer diverse fishing opportunities throughout the lake.

Good news for anglers: With water levels 15 feet higher than usual, you can access previously unreachable spots and find deep water closer to shore. This extends the fishing season beyond its typical timeframe!

Disclaimer: Ice conditions can vary greatly across the lake. Always check ice thickness yourself before venturing out, and exercise extreme caution.

Remember, safety first! Enjoy the winter wonderland responsibly.


Sacandaga Lake Fishing Heats Up with Clear Ice and Bright Days!

The bite is on at Sacandaga Lake, with anglers reeling in impressive catches under the crystal-clear ice and sun-drenched skies. Here’s the latest scoop:

Northerns on the Prowl: These fierce predators are taking full advantage of the pristine ice conditions, with reports of consistent catches. Flashy lures and lively bait are proving irresistible to these underwater hunters.

Walleye Wisdom: Those “in the know” are reaping the rewards during the prime walleye hours. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, mastering the “witching hours” can unlock a bountiful walleye experience.

Perch Plenty: Don’t overlook the tasty perch lurking in the depths! Decent-sized catches are being reported, making for a delicious addition to your winter bounty.

Trout Time Out: While trout activity remains lower, dedicated anglers are still finding success. Persistence and the right techniques can unlock these elusive beauties.

Remember: Ice safety is paramount. Always check thickness before venturing out, dress warmly, and fish responsibly.

Tight lines and happy fishing!

Tip of the Week – wear cleats!