February 2nd, 2018


Ice Report:

The lake level is back on its way down and the shorelines are tightening back up, and we finally got some snow on it.

This weekend, side X sides and 4-wheelers should have no problem getting on and off the ice. There is a general 21-inches of ice across the lake with just a little bit of snow that we received Thursday morning on the surface.

Photo by Steven Dweck‎ via Great Sacandaga Lake Friends

North of Batchellerville Bridge, there’s about 16-inches of ice. The only issue is with all the moving of the water up and then back down, it’s created a lot of heaves. Some are up to 5-feet tall and very visible, while others are only 6-12 inches and hard to see. If you hit any of these in the wrong direction with speed, it will be like hitting a wall.

There’s two large heaves that run from in front of Lanzi’s on the Lake. One of them runs all the way to Paradise Point Road in Sunset Bay. The other runs down along the shore towards Big Franks (where it typically runs every year.) You can find ways over and around them, just take your time.

There’s a small new heave that formed Tuesday that runs from the point of Vanderburg Point Road towards Scout and then parallel to it by the rock pile that emerged in front of Wally’s bay. This is a new one, which is not typically there, you can easily cross – just watch your speed.

Another one that I’ve saw this week, was from Close’s Farm running out beyond Beacon Island. Again, it’s a small one and easily crossed as long as you’re not going to fast.

I’ve also heard reports of many small heaves on the way through the channel going towards Northampton. I haven’t personally seen these, so I don’t know much more than that.

There’s another one runs from Sinclair Point back to Fishhouse Road. Again this is a small one but it may grow as the level of the lake lowers.

The flattest ice that I have found is from north of Sinclair point to north beyond Batchellerville bridge.

The point to all this is there are many heaves that may form and disappear day to day, so if its been a few weeks since you rode a sled on it, it’s a whole different lake. Especially since they are going to lower the Sacandaga 3-feet over the next 3 weeks. As of now there’s enough snow to ride snowmobiles, but not enough to hinder wheeled vehicles either. There’s no problem getting to Lakeside, Wally’s, Lanzi’s, Sport Island Pub (just don’t go near the Northville bridge), Captain Nauti’s, Ponderosa Pines and Old Trail.


Walleye are still biting but they have slowed down toward the end of the week.
Northerns have actually picked up a little, but there size still runs small, with only a few above 40” being caught. Perch are running very big in the 12-14” range.
Few trout have been caught this last week.

Tip of the Week

Slow down. You have a way bigger chance getting hurt hitting something, than you do falling through. Please be especially careful at night.


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