February 2020

February 25th, 2020

As I write this lake report it’s about 50 degrees, and now that its available in cans I am enjoying a GSL Juice on the top of scout island.

Up until Monday we have actually had quite a few cold days in the last two week with some mornings way below zero. Believe it or not because of this we have about three more inches of ice on the sacandaga then two weeks ago, and there is hardly any slush.

I found anywhere from 12 to 14″ of ice in all the spots I checked.

The only bad spot I found is on the Mayfield side of scout island where the point of Griffis rd. Comes out. This open spot usually shows up this time of year as the water goes down. Just stay more towards scout island when heading from Wally’s to Lakeside, and you will be fine.

The good news, if you do fall in there it’s only 4-6 ft. Deep but it will still ruin your day. Everything else seemed good heading up to Ponderosa Pines or placid pines. I didn’t take the trail off Turner rd. But that spot usually gets bad too as the water goes down.

All good to old trail and Nauti’s, just those 3 splits that I talked about in the last report. They are froze good but a few chunks sticking up here and there. All good around Sinclair point. Just favor the fish house side a little. Good up to sport island, Vic’s and back to Lanzi’s.

The only real changes to be aware of since my last report is the water is down significantly, and still going down fast. So a lot has changed through stump alley, the traps, by the campgrounds, and everywhere else that land starts popping up. Like around the front of sand island. What I mean by this is there is a lot more GOTCHAS sticking up everywhere that weren’t there two weeks ago.


Even though there is more ice. Three things that will get you on this lake. Speed, Alcohol, and Darkness, you can get away with any one of them but don’t mix them.


Walleyes have been biting decent with a few nice ones being caught. Perch have started to come on strong, the big football ones too.

Notherns are biting steady with the average being in the 30″ range.

And for this lake the trout have been biting good, both rainbows and browns.

Nowhere near as many as the lakes up north but they have been catching them

Also the Fuel-N-food 3-day fishing contest is definitely on, it’s going to be perfect conditions

Also the Fuel-N-food 3-day fishing contest is definitely on, it’s going to be perfect conditions

Tip of the week:

download the “Send it” app. And use it.