Snowy Lake with fog

February 23rd, 2018

(Here’s the all important after the thaw lake report..)

Ice Report

The lake is actually in better shape than it was last week.
With the snow yesterday it’s a little slushy but not bad at all.

The warm weather this week has melted the hard snow and flattened out the ruts.
There’s still 2’ of ice and the shorelines are fine.

As of 3pm on Friday the shore lines are fine, easy still driving on and off with wheeled vehicles pulling shanty’s. But there’s about 3” of snow so you can ride snowmobiles no problem, it’s just a little slushy.

There’s no new heaves, only the same ones we’ve had that run by Deer Island back to Lanzi’s and along the shore from Lanzi’s to Sunset Bay.

The water level is up about 1.5” but it will take another 2.5” to reck the ice on the shore, and this should not happen due to the cooler weather and the fact that they will be releasing more water starting tomorrow.

snowy lake through the treesFishing

has been above average, with 113 Walleye turned in last weekend (lot of them averaging between 19-21”.)

The Perch and Northern have been biting good and the Trout are coming on strong and have really picked up in size.

You can still access all your favorite bars and restaurants with no problem. The riding should be excellent tomorrow!

Tip of the Week:

If you’re out in a snowstorm at night, bring a compass.

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