February 18th, 2022


Be careful around the ridge in front of big Frank’s, and to the north of Lanzi’s. I would watch out and be careful around all the ridges.

Here is the much anticipated walleye challenge weekend lake report.

I will keep it short because there’s not much change in the ice thickness, still 20″. The only big change is there is no more snow on the lake or slush, as of 3 o’clock Friday.

There’s still a lot of water 2 to 3″ on top in spots but the Broadalbin side seems to be hard glare ice with the Mayfield side, Fish house and down by the town of Day having some water still on top.

With that being said, today you could probably get away with still using a snowmobile, but with the cold temperatures tonight it will be a solid block of ice.

Therefore no lube and no cooling so I would recommend side-by-side’s and 4 wheelers to be the vehicle of choice.

The shorelines are still good holding up well  – nice and tight you can get on and off the lake just about anywhere, but you might need studs, screws or chains on your tires to keep you from sliding.

There will be over 20 deputies and authorities checking registrations and helmets this weekend so please abide by the rules and regulations of New York State.

It is free fishing weekend so no fishing license needed.

Remember this year there is 3 weigh stations with the new one being on the ice in front of sport Island Pub.

Be careful watch out for tip ups And have fun.

Fireworks tonight at Lanzi’s to kick off the walleye challenge and will be the walleye awakening. It’s going to be the busiest weekend of the year. Let’s have a great time.


Northerns are still biting steady, perch have picked up a lot some 14″ footballs. And walleye have settled into their low water spots and starting to bite better.

Tip of the week

..look out for Tip ups