Photo of dog on the snowy lake surrounded by evergreens

December 15th, 2017

Lake Temperature:

As I give this report, it is 7 degrees in Mayfield, and with these temperatures we should make a couple inches of ice each day. Mayfield and Northville Lakes have been froze over for a week now. 

Ice Report:

Mayfield Lake has 4″ of ice on it as of this morning. 

Sacandaga Lake looks like it froze over last night completely, but not quite sure about the middle. 

The bays of Sacandaga have been froze for 4-5 days now. But from Sinclair point all the way north past the Northville bridge has been frozen the longest. In front of sport island pub is about 3.5″ of ice.  

Die-hard fishermen should be able to go out and fish in front of sport island pub and for the less brave, Mayfield and Northville lakes should be pretty safe this weekend. There’s about 4-5″ of snow across the area with no snow on the ice. The fishing should be excellent as it always is with first ice. 

Water Level:

Water levels are perfect for this time of year so we should have no radical ice movement barring any rainstorms. 

There’s not much else to report until thicker ice but with looking at the extended forecast my prediction is we will be riding the sacandaga relatively safely in 2 weeks.  


For the old-schoolers, clean the carbs on your sled before you ride. For the rest of us, gotta love EFI.

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