Nice Buck in the woods

Complete Scent Control

by Bryan E. Moldt As you move around hunting, and even when you are just sitting, your body is giving off millions of scent molecules into the surrounding air. The clothes and boots that you wear, and equipment you carry all have odors that add to the scent pool around you. The greatest of the [...]
group of ducks standing on the shore

Wild Game Birds

Game birds offer the most varied and perhaps the most delicious wild meat. Ranging from the rich, tangy flavor of the miniature woodcock up to a magnificent wild turkey or Canada goose, they provide a range of flavor delicacy as wide as the variation of the sport in hunting for them. The quality and flavor [...]

Safe Handling of Wild Game Birds

Care in the Field Be Prepared for the Hunt: Remember to bring a sharp hunting knife, a steel or whetstone, light rope or nylon cord, plastic bags, clean cloths or paper towels, and a cooler filled with ice. Field Dress the Bird Promptly: There are major rules to follow as soon as the bird is [...]
two deer in the snow

Never Hunt Without a Deer Cart!

by Bryan E. Moldt It was a cold opening morning in the southern Adirondacks, my next door neighbor and I where on our way to hunting camp for an opening morning hunt with some friends. The morning was still dark and you could see that a fresh dusting of snow was on the mountains as [...]