Great Sacandaga Lake

August 5th, 2022

Happy August, this lake report is as of Wednesday the Third. I haven’t done one in awhile, because the lake level has been high. Now as it’s been a hot dry summer the water is beginning to go down, and continuing to drop at about a foot a week.

Right now we have a perfect mix of water level to boat, and beach to enjoy. Sand island has a lot more room, the south end if scout has plenty of sand, and so does mosquito Bay. You don’t have to wade In the water to enjoy it.

Also the entire sandbar is starting to emerge from Northampton campground, which is  great spot to day anchor.

There was 3 feet of water minimum through stump alley, so you can still get through  this weekend with a v-hull I would still trim it up. Pontoons should be fine for the next two weekends.

The traps are starting to stick out, so if you know how to access them and want seclusion it’s a great spot.

It’s deep coming in from Broadalbin side. Ponderosa Pines has a new dock, makes it easy to get to, and Desiree is usually open all night when she bartends. Walk across the street  to Placid pines for something to eat.

Sport Island, Lanzi’s, and Lakeside with the new channel bar, have great docks and plenty of water. Stop in for a GSL juice. Vic’s is open 7 days a week. Wally’s still has plenty of water, and in case you didn’t know. Their courtesy dock is on the beach side now. It’s great, wide, stable, deep water, and easy to get to and tie up on.


Fishing: slow but last weeks chop was decent for walleye they have been running small. Northern are in the shallows. Some big perch but few and far between. Bass have been consistent with a few Catfish being caught. Have heard much about trout.

Tip of the week:

summer is short get out and enjoy.