Adirondack Inn


Built in 1891 by the FJ & G Railroad conspired the gem of the Sacandaga Park this ornate wood structure burned in 1975.

Location: McKinley Road – Sacandaga Park

GPS: 43° 12.968′ N, 74° 11.258′ W.

Regarding Adirondack Inn. “…A short distance from the railroad station is The Adirondack Inn, one of the finest summer resort hotels in America, accommodating

By Howard C. Ohlhous, July 1, 2008

250 guests. The halls and rooms are provided with steam heat, and the hotel grounds lighted by electricity, presenting at night a picture of a veritable “Fairy Garden.” Guests may secure rooms single or en suite, with or without a private bath. The house is tastefully decorated and richly furnished, and the conveniences of the telegraph, the telephone, and a prompt postal service are among the privileges enjoyed by its guests. Balls, House Parties, Automobiling and Coaching go to make up a part of the pleasures at this up-to-date hostelry. The roads along the Mohawk Valley, passing through Schenectady, Amsterdam, Johnstown and Gloversville, en route the Sacandaga Valley, are particularly good for automobiling. The Adirondack Inn is ably managed by Mr. C. O. Chamberlin, to whom applications for rates and rooms should be addressed.”
Source: “1906 Summer Outings Sacandaga Valley; The Pleasure and Benefits of a Few Weeks of Leisure Spent Among the Beautiful Resorts of the Adirondacks,” Published by Passenger Department, Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad”

In the early 1890s many short line railroads were building amusement parks as a way to increase rail line patronage. In 1891 the Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville (FJ&G) purchased thirty-five acres of land near the end of its Sacandaga Line and made it into a summer resort called Sacandaga Park, and built the

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