Great Sacandaga Lake

December 23rd, 2019

Hello everyone, the Sacandaga is froze over completely, as of Monday
morning the 23rd.

The bays have been frozen over for more then a week.

Murray bay in Broadalbin has 7″ of ice, in front of sport island pub has over 6” of ice, and the bay in Mayfield between Gordon’s marina and Wally’s beach has 5”.

I rode my sled across the bay to Wally’s yesterday, it is all solid clear black ice.

The furthest out report was by scout island by an ice fishermen was 3 1/2 ”. I would not recommend going out on the main part of the lake for another week or so, stick to the bays. There is plenty of water in all of them since the lake is just about full, it is at  June levels, so there is plenty of water to fish

There is one ice ridge forming in front of Lanzi’s about in the spot were it usually is.

Also because of the high water, when you do start riding be on the lookout for docks that floated away and froze in the ice away from shore. There is one out from 526 south shore rd. in Edinburgh that I know about, but i am sure there are more. Remember this when you decide to crack that throttle for the first time this season.

As far as fishing:

Northern’s are biting good as reported by John Reale, the walleyes are biting good too. Fishing is usually good on early ice, so I am sure the next couple weeks should be pretty good, even for the amateurs.

Tip of the week:

Make sure the roof of your shanty doesn’t leak.