December 19th, 2016

This Report is as of 4PM Monday and the ice levels are all drilled reports. We are building ice now so there is probably a couple more inches than is reported.

Water Temperature:

is below 32(since its frozen)


It is frozen all the way up to flagpole point. It is frozen, so even the deep end of the lake has ice on it. We’ve got a great start to the season this year and we will be riding sleds for Christmas – and definitely for New Years Week.

I was out there Saturday Riding and crossed over the Bays. The whole lake froze over on Friday morning, so its already been filled for a week straight, and with the cold weather it builds about an inch a day. There is snow on the edges and its beautiful so we are going to be set up nice.

7″ of ice in the Bays from Beacon Island back to the spillway

7 1/2″ of ice from Scout Island back to Lakeside and through those bays

IN front of Sport Island Pub there is 7 1/2″ 

The Main part of the Lake there is 4-5″ of Ice

There has only been one report of somebody that road to sand island and back and the drill hole had about 4 1/2″

There was 5″ coming down by Beacon on this side

The snow didn’t hurt the ice at all. There was snow on it for Saturday, and it was rain on Sunday which turned it into water and it all refroze. And with the sub zero weather we have been having we are only building ice.

There is probably a couple more inches than the drill reports measured on Monday.


Northerns: are biting really well in the shallow water

Walleye: are average. They are not crazy like they usually are early ice, but we’ll see what happens this weekend. It should be perfect conditions. Fishing should be perfect for perch and Walleye as far as that goes.

Tip of the Week:

Bring Your Creepers and have studs on your snowmobile