August 22nd, 2017


is 78 Degrees at the surface
77 at 20 feet down


Sorry for the 2 month delay in reporting, but there was not much change in July and the first part of August that was worth reporting. other than the water temperature actually reached 80 degrees at the end of July for 4 days!

The Lake level is EXACTLY where it is supposed to be for this time of year, which means…

Most of the Trap Islands are still under water
There is a descent amount of Island at Sand Island, but nowhere near as much as last year.

The SW end of Scout Island is at perfect level to pull up your boat right now (IF you have a permit)

I would only attempt to go through stump ally with a PONTOON. Even then ….. As there is only 2-3 feet of water.

BUT there are plenty of places to pull up in the sand IF you come in from the Northampton side.

The sand bar is starting to show pretty well at the Northampton Campground. That is a pretty descent spot to pull up.

Also all the Marinas still have plenty of water INCLUDING Lakeside and Wally’s.

And remember Ponderosa Pines has courtesy docks and now so does Placid Pines, and there is plenty of calm water at both including Captain Nauti’s.

Start to pay special attention to the hazard and navigation buoys in the next couple weeks as new hazards begin to appear. But it is not as important as in past years as the water isn’t as low.



Small Walleyes in abundance, but have slowed a bit this past week
Small-Mouth Bass are hitting Good
Decent sized Perch
Northerns have been spotty
Trout – the guys that know what they are doing have been doing well.


Stay off Yacht Island without a permit!

Look Out Next week for our VIDEO lake report (Second EVER)

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