wake from the boat

July 3rd, 2019

Hello everyone, here is your fourth of July lake report.

Since my last report the lake went up about one and a half feet, and then has been dropping steadily since last week. its been losing about 2 inches a day.

What all this means is that the lake level is almost where it was on my last lake report, actually about 8 inches lower but not enough for any major changes and nothing new to report. Most marinas and bars stillhave extension docks out and there is 10-12 feet of water through stump alley.

No problems there this weekend or probably the rest of July. the only problem still is not much beach or islands to go to. Northampton picnic area is still underwater and so is most of sand island, hey but at least its getting flushed.

The good side you can boat anywhere, so if your new to the lake now is the time to explore. one new addition is Placid Pines, which is across the rd. from Ponderosa pines in the town of Day now has a dock.  It is easy to dock to and marked with their name. They serve food also besides drinks, its nice to have another spot on the lake especially north of Batchlorville bridge.

Water Temperature:

is 75 degrees at the surface and 58 degrees at 30 feet.


bass are biting great,
walleyes are getting a little harder to find, but the real fishermen aren’t
having a problem.
northern’s are still biting but mostly small ones,
not to many perch either.
2 reports of rainbows being caught around the rock shoal to the northeast of sand island.

Tip of the Week:

make sure your mooring line is out of the way before you back up.

p.s. there is an s.p.c. chicken b.b.q. fundraiser at Wally’s Driftwood Park on Sunday July 14Th from 1-4…without the s.p.c.(Sacandaga Protection Committee)  we would not be able to use the lake the way we do so if you love the lake show your support