March First 2019

Lakes report from Lou's truckLake Report as of Friday March 1st, 2019


This lake report is a lot different. Why???
Because I did the whole thing in my pickup truck yesterday afternoon. I accessed the lake from Driftwood Park (aka Wally’s) on the marina side and then drove to the shanty near Scout Island and measured the ice there.

There’s 23” of solid, good ice. I measured the ice in one of Beaver Ross’ old fishing holes. (Judging by the quarter of ice I had to chip away, I missed him by about an hour.)

From there I went to Sport Island Pub and all the way back to Lakeside. Conditions are great for a pickup truck, and even better for snowmobiles and ATV’s.

I did not cross the heave at Sand Island or got to Captain Nauti’s or Ponderosa Pines. But going by reports and my knowledge, of the last two weeks on the lake, it is just as good on that side as it is on this side.

There are no new heaves to report. The lake is down about 6’ from its January high, so any variations in the ice that I found are caused by ice settling onto the land and island poking out.

There’s a perfect amount of snow for snowmobiles, but not enough to restrict any other form of transportation including vehicles. In my opinion, these are the best conditions we’ve had in 10 years!


Northern’s are coming on strong, we may see another record breaker in Fuel-N-Food’s Weekend Long Contest. Walleye and Perch have been steady throughout the season. Walleye’s haven’t been huge but the Perch I’ve seen have been monsters. Finally, a few trout have been caught, with the majority being browns.


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