First School

FIRST SCHOOL Town's first school built on this site on land given by Jonathan Anderson. Earliest district in town settled in 1787. Located on South Shore Road in Edinburg.
shew house

Shew House

SHEW HOUSE BUILT 1784 BY GODFREY SHEW AND HIS SONS JOHN, STEPHEN AND JACOB AFTER THEIR RETURN FROM CANADA AS PRISONERS OF COL. ROSS ON JUNE 3, 1778 This old home in the hamlet of Fish House dates back to 1784 and is considered one of the oldest in the town of Northampton. The original [...]
St John Marker

The St. John House

This is one of the older homes, in the Fish House Settlement, still existing today Among other things, Alexander St. John was a surveyor and engineer. He is credited by some historians as having the village and town of St. Johnsville named after him. He became one of the town's leading citizens and is buried [...]
Shew Hill Marker

Shew’s Hill

ON JUNE 3, 1778 GODFREY SHEW STATIONED HIS SON JACOB TO REPORT APPROACH TORY AND INDIAN RAIDERS UNDER CO. ROSS. LATER FAMILY MADE PRISONERS. IF you read the exploits of the Shew family of old Fish House, they mention a high rise of ground overlooking the Sacandaga River; it became a good location to see [...]