The Great Sacandaga Lake is located In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains - The Great Sacandaga Lake is close to Saratoga and Lake George!
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Photo Courtesy of Gordon's Marine
Great Sacandaga Lake Marinas


Marina Checklist From Jim Shepard

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Marina

How do you go about choosing the right marina for yourself and your boat? Do you use a marina checklist to make sure you cover all the important questions? As a longtime boater, delivery captain, vessel safety examiner and former owner and operator of a marina, I have probably seen it all – the good, the bad and the really ugly! As a result, I have compiled a simple marina checklist (in no particular order) of things to ask about and observe before deciding to rent or buy a slip.

  • What is the general appearance of the marina? Is it well maintained and attractive? It has been my experience that if the grass is trimmed, the docks are clear of obstructions and the bathrooms are spotless, the rest of the marina is probably well run also.

  • Is there a first class pump-out facility that really works and is easily accessible?

  • Are the docks, piers and pilings in good repair? Remember, in bad weather the docks and pilings around your slip are the only things keeping your expensive boat from sustaining major damage.

  • Are the cleats that receive your lines large enough, and are they securely attached to the dock?

Gordon's Marine

Knapik's Marine

Lanzi's on the Lake

Northamptoon Marina

  • Is the electrical system neat, up to date and up to code? Are outdoor switches, circuit breakers and panel boxes in weatherproof boxes? Are all 15/20 amp-120 volt non-permanent receptacles GFI (Ground Fault Interrupters)? Are there extension cords and other wiring lying around that could be stepped on or chafing against the dock or a boat?

  • Are there life rings, with lines attached, at no more than 200-foot intervals along thedock in case of emergency?

  • Are there emergency phone numbers clearly posted in order to reach authorities, emergency services and personnel in charge? And is a pay phone available?

  • Are there fire extinguishers provided and placed where needed

  • Are there NO SMOKING signs posted on the fuel dock? Are the DO-s and DON’T-s of fueling clearly posted on the fuel dock?

  • Are there enough parking places? Do you have an assigned parking space?

  • What kind of security is provided? Boat burglaries, especially of marine electronics, have become a big problem.What kind of lighting system do they have for nighttime security?
  • Are the restrooms, laundry facilities and pool (if the marina has one) locked and only available to marina residents and guests?
  • Is the marina located in a dangerous or safe neighborhood?
  • Is there a printed list of marina rules and regulations about noise, pets, barbeques, guests, etc.? Is it posted for all to see so that there will be no misunderstandings?

  • If fishermen are in the marina, is there a properly equipped fish cleaning station?

  • If dogs are allowed, is there a designated Dog Walk?

  • Are there green spaces where your children and grandchildren can stretch their legs and play?

  • Are the other boats in the marina in good condition and well maintained?

  • Are all boat owners in the marina required to have liability insurance?

  • Does the marina have a qualified mechanic or mechanics available? Are they able to arrange for specialty services (woodworking, fiberglass, etc.) to be available when needed?
  • Does the marina allow you to work on your own boat?

  • Can you hire an outside contractor to work on your boat?

  • Can you have a dock box? Does it have to match the other dock boxes? Does it have to be purchased from the marina?

  • Does the marina have winter or off-season storage available?

  • Finally, is your rental or purchase agreement fairly priced and equitable to both parties?
It's wise to remember that any marina - just like any neighborhood - is only as good as the people who work, play and boat there. When you know the rules, abide by them and do your best to be a good neighbor, you will always be welcome. Be especially kind to old boaters you see in your marina, as one of them could very well be me! I hope that this will help you find the perfect marina for you and your boat.


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Cranberry Cove Marina, Inc.

1840 St Hwy 30


Driftwood Park

534 vandenburg Point Road
Mayfield NY 12117

Public Launch, Parking and dock space for a fee

Edinburg marinA & Pwersports

140 North Shore Road

located at the mouth of Beechers Creek in Edinburg, NY.Hard Surface and parking available.

Public - Pay to Launch - Dock Space Available

Gordon's Lakeside Marine

322 Lakeside Drive
Mayfield, NY 12117

We have equipment to haul-out power boats up to 45' and sail boats up to 36' and storage for all. Our boat launch is available to the public (for a fee) and space is available to park trailers while boating.


'Rondack Roots Marina

275 Lakeside Drive
Mayfield, NY 12117
(518) 613-4366


I - Go -Inn

241 South Shore Road

Public Launch, Parking and dock space for a fee

Inn at the Bridge

641 Bridge Street

Public - Pay to Launch - Dock Space Available


Knapik's Marine

197 Forest Ave.


Lasky's Marineland

412 Griffis Road

Lakeside Tavern & Marina
306 Woods Hollow Road
Mussels Harbor

Public Launch, Parking and dock space for a fee


Lanzi's on the Lake

1751 State Route 30


Majestic Mountain Marina

2335 N Shore Rd
Hadley, NY 12835

Launch Ramp (4 w.d. vehicle required) 10. per use (launch or take out)

McMurry's Boat Livery

245 Lakeview Road

Millers Grandview Marine

342 Lakeside Drive

Montoney's Marine

199 State Highway 30

Northampton Marina

284 Houseman Street
Mayfield - 12117


Park Marine Base, Inc.

199 County Highway 152
Sacandaga Park, Northville


Sunset Bay Vacation Resort RV Park and Marina

Paradise Point Road



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