The Great Sacandaga Lake is located In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains - The Great Sacandaga Lake is close to Saratoga and Lake George!
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Page is dedicated in Memory of Anne Miller 1937-2008 - For the past 30 years, Anne called the Adirondacks, which she loved, home. In the early 1980s, she founded the Commonground Gallery in Northville, N.Y., where she lived, taught, and painted. Anne, a true “gem of the Adirondacks,” was deeply devoted to Northville, the land, and its people. She shared her love with everyone she met through her gifts of art, music and gardening. She was an integral part of the village she loved, and will be forever missed.


Free to and open to the public
Artist Reception the first Tuesday of each month, 6-8pm
Northville Public Library
341 South 3rd Street, Northville, NY 12134-4231

You are invited to each Meet the Artist Reception where you will have the opportunity to view beautiful artwork, meet the artist and learn what motivates them to create their work. Refreshments served.

Contact Connie Dodge, Co-Chair, at 518-863-2201 or

Gary Shankman

“The first objective of an artist is to observe – to study nature. An artist must begin to see and to spend as much time as possible making contact with the world around him. Learning to paint is actually learning to see. By ‘seeing’, I mean the employment of all the senses in order to achieve a complete picture of what one is rendering. Although one uses his eyes, one should not close out the other senses of hearing, taste, smell and touch because they can benefit an artist in his observations. By observing, touching and employing all his senses, an artist will come to an understanding for the forms found in nature.

In my art, I paint and draw directly from nature. I enjoy working from life and interpreting what I observe. I am intrigued by the effects of light and color in nature. Light dappling the side of a house, light creating the form of an apple, and light caressing the objects in a room, are the subjects which fill my canvases. In my work, light, mood, atmosphere and paint combine to form a work of art.
Art is the main focus of my life. Since the age of nine, I have worked hard to become the best artist I could be. My work is done in the spirit of the following quote by Maurice Grosser. ‘The painter draws with his eyes, not with his hands. Whatever he sees, if he sees clear, he can put it down. The putting it down requires perhaps, much care and labor, but no more muscular agility than it takes to write his name. Seeing clear is the important thing.’”

Virginia McNeice - Oil Painter/Pastelist

SVAN Quilts Archives
2011 The Adirondack Outhouses

The 2011 heirloom quilt is a queen sized quilt, designed and hand-appliquéd by eighteen quilters donating their time and talent for SVAN’s major fundraiser. This year the quilt blocks depict outhouses found in the Adirondack Mountains of Southern New York.

The majority of the quilters used photographs provided by two photographers that live in the Adirondack Mountains. Some Quilters chose to use outhouses they had found on family property or near by to create the remaining blocks.

Featured Artist - Patricia McEvoy

I work with the beauty and majesty of the landscape and also am fascinated by the chance compositions that I find around the house.(still lifes) My process is one of the focus being "out there" when I spot a subject, while I gather in shapes and colors and begin arranging them on the canvas. Soon, the focus shifts to being "in here", by which I mean the whole game is taking place on the canvas and in my head. There is a freedom and excitement in allowing the paint to do what it wants, as in the accidental mergings and drippings that may occur and in areas where colors may be mixed and layered right on the surface.
Featured Artist - dwight pierre

dwight pierre, a photographer, educator, and performer, is the son of Anthony Michael Pierre from Arima, Trinidad and Mary Alice Pierre from Alexander City, Alabama. He was born in Queens, New York City and his parents moved upstate NY before he was a year old. Growing up in Rotterdam, NY, dwight pierre was always fascinated with the super 8 movies and photographs his father took while living in London England and back home in Trinidad. Even today, dwight pierre enjoys the sound of the movie projector while watching a silent movie from his childhood. He remembers watching his father cut and paste film together with so much attention to detail and perfection. At an early age, he was allowed to take photographs with his father’s Polaroid camera and on occasion, was asked to hold the bright light to aid his father when filming a home movie.

read more here

Featured Artist - Emily Falco

Her work on the website is mostly city oriented but she moved here from Brooklyn. She is painingt oil lamps for the Annex. She'll be changing her style to more adk oriented soon.

Featured Artist - Nancy Magnell

When I reached my thirties I began experimenting with reverse-painted glass, this was an experience of an unrestricted technique, something I was not used to. Painting on canvas and board had been a great challenge for me, as I strived to emulate my teacher and the Great masters that inspired me. This new technique of painting on glass brought with it an immediate gratification, a way to bring light into my paintings, illuminating them in a way that I could not duplicate on canvas. For these reasons I feel that I have been chosen by the work, instead of the reverse, and feel that it is part of my path to pursue this genre.

Featured Artist - Mary Lou Strode

Since receiving a BFA Degree from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College and moving to Argyle, NY, Strode has been painting the landscape of Washington County. Mary Lou observes, "Its agricultural features - plowed fields, un-forested hills, 19th century farmhouses and outbuildings - are a continuing inspiration to me. Certain elements of these special spaces have become subjects of intense scrutiny: waterfalls, a certain field on my farm, the flat farmlands between Durkeetown and Ft. Edward and Carter's Pond, a wildlife preserve and wetland near Cossayuna Lake. I have returned again and again to these places for inspiration and visual material. "

Featured Artist - Constance Dodge

Artist, Constance Dodge, has taught Fine Arts for thirty-one years. While the majority of her experience has been dedicated to developing the artistic talents of high school students, she spent two years teaching full time at Adirondack Community College. In addition, she has been an adjunct instructor at Sage Junior College, the College of Saint Rose, Empire State College, and Goddard College.

For twenty-three years, Dodge’s permanent exhibit space was the Amos Eno Gallery in New York City. Her work appears in many private collections, both nationally and internationally including the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C. and Artpool in Budapest Hungary. Her work has also appeared in New York Magazine. Regionally, she is a professional member of the the Guild of Adirondack Artists and the former Director of the Oakroom Artists, a group in existence for 52 years

Featured Artist - Marion Kratky
I have enjoyed drawing and painting since I can remember. I never thought anyone made a living or survived by painting,unless they were a teacher. I wasn't sure I wanted to be a teacher.

So, I got a real job and was gainfully employed for 30+ years, but yet always painted and kept taking classes. At the right time, I always had recognition or won an award of some sort. I'm sure I might have given up otherwise. I kept going on, more classes, books and being inspired by other painters. I always strive to make my next painting better than the last. We will see.

Featured Artist - Linda Naske
Ms. Naske’s medium is colored pencil and her representational work captures a close-up and fleeting moment of light and shadow as those elements play over the common objects of every day life.

Featured Artist - Linda Hinkle


Linda displays her art regularly at the Fulton County Art Show and has exhibited and won awards in many other art shows. In 2008, Linda was awarded first prize for “Painting” in the Adirondack Artists Guild’s 10th annual juried exhibit at Saranac Lake.

Linda earned a BFA from the University of Michigan with a concentration in design and interior architecture. Most of Linda’s career has been as a freelance designer, developing material for print, products for manufacture and websites. Her most recent creative endeavors have been in the study of watercolor and mixed water media.

In commenting on her varied studies and projects, Linda stated, “Working with a variety of people on a wide range of projects keeps my work fresh and guarantees that no two days are ever alike!”

Featured Artist - Bart M. Carrig

Bart’s work has been published in Adirondack Life Magazine. He exhibits and sells his works at the Willman Gallery, Little Falls, NY, and is a multiple winner of the US National Heritage Corridor, Erie Canal calendar contest. Bart is also an Attorney and City Court Judge in Little Falls, New York.

Bart states, “My goal in photography is simply to observe and capture nature in its best and natural light, and to pass on those captured exposures to the eyes and senses of all who desire to look…In all cases, when I view these wonderful locations, I am both
humbled and embraced by the beauty and complexity of the universe. Every scene tells a story, and whether it’s of biology or geology, history, culture or time, that story embraces your soul and conveys a certain mood or feeling. The challenge is to capture that scene in a
way that passes on that sensation to others.”

Featured Artist - Judy Olson

I have enjoyed Judy Olson's work for years after seeing it displayed at the LakeHouse Grillein Wells, NY. Her work can be viewed and purchased at


Featured Artist - Heather Mattioni

Up and coming artist Heather Mattioni's work can be
viewed and purchased at


Featured Artist - Andrew Roth

Andrew Roth's work can be viewed and purchased at

Featured Artist - John Gates

John Gates work can be viewed and purchased at

Featured Artist - Spruce Mountain Photography

Spruce Mountain Photography work can be viewed and purchased at

Anne Miller

For the past 30 years, Anne called the Adirondacks, which she loved, home. In the early 1980s, she founded the Commonground Gallery in Northville, N.Y., where she lived, taught, and painted. Anne, a true “gem of the Adirondacks,” was deeply devoted to Northville, the land, and its people. She shared her love with everyone she met through her gifts of art, music and gardening. She was an integral part of the village she loved, and will be forever missed.

Anne Miller has been living and working in the Adirondacks for the past 26 years. She owns the Commonground Gallery in Northville, NY, where she lives, teaches music and paints. The building was originally a blacksmith shop, circa 1860, and retains the charm of its history.

Anne did her undergraduate studies at Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA, where she completed a BA degree in Fine Art with a double minor in Music Education. She completed her graduate work at SUNY Albany. She has received numerous New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Decentralization grants for teaching music and art. In 1998 she was awarded an NYSCA Individual Artist Grant. She has exhibited extensively in the Northeast and her work is in private collections worldwide.

web site | read obituary

2006 Copyright Anne M. Miller

2006 Copyright Anne M. Miller

2006 Copyright Anne M. Miller


Adirondack Lakes Center
for the Arts

Route 28 POB 205
Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812

Adirondack Stained
Glass Works
29 West Fulton Street
Gloversville, NY 12078
Exquisite Stained Glass
Since 1980


Bill Coffey and
Russ Gleaves

North 3rd Street
Northville, NY 12134

Russ Gleaves’ love of nature began when he moved to a log cabin in the Adirondacks as a young child. Raised in Queens, N.Y., Bill Coffey has created custom furniture with many of New York City’s finest craftsmen. His love for the Adirondacks – nurtured as a child on vacation – led him to Northville, N.Y. in 1999. There he met Russ, and the pair has been creating one-of-a-kind innovative rustic furniture ever since. The duo takes pride in crafting pieces that will be passed down through many generations.

Colonial Little Theatre
Colonial Court, Johnstown
live, local theater for over 60 years!

The Dodge House
Lakeside Gallery

936 South Shore Road
Edinburg, New York 12134

"Although she emphasizes solid forms and omits details,
there's a nostalgic, personal quality to these paintings,
as if Dodge took old family photographs out of storage
and laid them on the canvas.
Karen Bjornland
The Daily Gazette

Fulton County
Chamber Art Gallery

2 North Main Street, Gloversville
Local Artists works

The Glove Theatre
42 North Main Street, Gloversville
Shows and plays

Indian Lake Theater
PO Box 517
Indian Lake, NY


Judy Olson Photography
552 Hope Falls Road
Northville, NY 12134
"Art is an interpretation, not an imitation" john ruskin

The Orendaga
Suites, Pottery & Gallery
732 South Main St
Northville, NY 12134
Located on Northville Lake, our cottages offer you a peaceful, relaxing vacation in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.

Paintings by Rhea

Rhea specializes in fine art oil painting, portraying intimate landscapes and wildlife of the alluring and diverse Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Her style combines intricately orchestrated detail with subtle open space to create both the movement and silence found in nature. Working in the Adirondack Rustic Art genre, she paints on canvas, often using unique rustic frames to enhance her work, as well as embellishing fine rustic furniture with her art.


Perrella Art Gallery
2805 State Highway 67
Johnstown, NY 12095

Enjoy various exhibits throughout the year featuring a broad range of creative styles, mediums and concepts

Sampson Bog Studios
171 Paradise Point Road
Mayfield NY 12117
Unusual Adirondack Art

Discover top-notch Adirondack furnishings, sporting and angling paintings in the studio of artist Barney Bellinger. Open by appointment.

Stinky Dog
P.O. Box 1193
Northville, N. Y. 12134
518- 863-2132 is the place to be for Stinky Dog t-shirts, Stinky Dog clothing, Stinky Dog sweatshirts, Stinky Dog accessories and so much more.

Jane Isabella
Fine Art Gallery

10 North Perry Street
2nd Floor
Johnstown, NY 12095

Founded in 2004, JANE ISABELLA FINE ART GALLERY is a unique destination where artists and art lovers converge. The gallery showcases outstanding original artwork by painters and sculptors from around the globe.

Union Hall Inn
2 Union Place, Johnstown
Local Artist works displayed

Van Alstine Studios
John VanAlstine
PO Box 526
Wells, NY 12190

Van Alstine's sculptures are poised and determined like powerful dancers in mid-leap, his work buoyantly defies natural laws. He choreographs massive stones and cast-off industrial elements into weightless suspensions. Presented at the apex of their implied motion, these forms exude confidence and balance, each composition is as fluid as a dancer's body.

The Widlund Gallery
@Tannery Pond Community Center
228 Main Street
North Creek, NY

Harry Wirtz
Words & Pictures
518 863 8636

Commercial and fine art photography. Adirondack landscape and still life prints. Graphic arts services




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